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Shipping & Returns

Shipping & Returns
delivery estimate
Mailboxes and shipping APO / FPO orders via USPS. When available and PO-mail address will be excluded from any UPS modes (including the first two days of the service the next day). Orders can be canceled at any time before delivery.

About Shipping Method:
Allow the standard 3-5 day delivery. Large or heavy items may require additional shipping time. You can sometimes delay the delivery of weather and unexpected circumstances.

Located 11:30 (standard time) send all orders within one business day during the week, until the stock. Position 11:30 the next business

day after the order for ships
No weekend delivery 1-2 days does not apply at the time of delivery the weekend. And "ready for delivery and / or Friday Thursday night (for example) the order will be the next working day, it can be divided into the following weeks to process.

Currently we transported around the world, welcome friends for a global partnership

The shipping and handling charge
When placing heavy objects, be sure to pay close attention to the details of shipping your order summary. Rail and order in view of the history

What happens if I do not receive my order?
Sometimes we have a package to be returned to the sender. In this case, you can send an e-mail message that you can not pass, and a full refund.

Cohesiongym return records will not be sent back. If you want to buy, there's this project, must be booked. Note that in order to include the correct address.

If you think that an order may be treated as undeliverable, should you planned delivery date of his state within four weeks in advance. If more than four weeks later, please contact us

Tips for a safe delivery of your package:
Check your address, to ensure speed and accuracy. In some cases (expensive products, neighborhood restrictions, apartment), you must pick up the package at the specified location, if no one showed up at the time of delivery. Attention mind that the package arrived and is ready to resume his door from the UPS to the door of the label area.

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